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  • Lipolyzer Hips And Thighs Tablets

Nutroactive Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet For Weight Management 30 Tablets …

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  • 1.Diet Plan with no Calorie Restriction - A 30 days diet plan is provide along with the product which compulsorily needs to be followed for good results. You need to follow a Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan along with Lipolyzer Hips and Thighs Tablets wherein you need to avoid mainly grains & sugar. While following the Diet Plan there is no restriction on calories, only carbohydrates needs to be restricted. Appropriate Diet Plan with required nutritional dietary supplements is the best way to Lose Weight.
    2.Target Area Weight Loss- Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs is one of the best Weight Loss Product; It contains several natural ingredients like DIM, Vitex, Red Clove, Zinc which helps in reducing estrogen dominance and helps in Weight Loss from target area from Hips & Thighs.
    3.100% Natural- Active ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) in Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs reduces absorption of carbohydrates in the body thereby helps in weight loss, fat loss & inch loss and acts as a Fat Burner.
    4.Weight Management - Excess of Estrogen in Men may lead to fat deposition on chest (Men Boobs) & Hips, enlargement of prostate gland (BPH) and Erectile Dysfunction. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs contains Grape Seed Extract which helps in reducing estrogen level. Therefore helpful for men weight loss also.
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Lipolyzer Hips Thighs Tablets Diet & Nutrition Tablets

Estrogen dominance is a condition where a woman has excess estrogen and low progesterone. Progesterone Hormone helps in counter balancing the effect of estrogen hormone. Even a woman with low estrogen levels can have estrogen dominance if she has very low progesterone. This was first time recognized by Dr. John Lee. Estrogen hormone imbalance may lead to weight gain especially on hips and thighs. You might have observed that fat deposition on hips and thigh is common in women but rarely in men because estrogen is prominent in females. Symptoms associated with estrogen imbalances are excess fat deposited on hips and thighs, menstrual irregularities, PCOS, infertility, miscarriage, unsuccessful IVF, heavy menses, decreased libido, mood swings, increased triglycerides, forgetfulness, painful and heavy breast. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet contains natural herbs and nutrients which help in weight loss and inch loss for females having estrogen hormone imbalance. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs also contains Garcenia Cambogia whose main role is to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the body thereby helps in losing weight, Disclaimer: This product is a dietary supplement, not a drug. Hence it is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.


Helps in reducing Estrogen dominance

Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs contains Diindolylmethane (DIM) which helps in reducing estrogen dominance. Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a digested metabolite of indole 3-carbinol (I3C), beneficial compound naturally found in cruciferous vegetable like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, and turnips. DIM has been shown in many studies to reduce the risk of breast, cervical and other estrogen-driven cancers by helping the body to make a better balance of the “good estrogen” (2-hydroxy-estrone) and the “bad estrogen” (16-alpha-hydroxy-estrone.

Helps in maintaining Healthy Progesterone level

Increasing the progesterone hormone to the optimal level is a surest way to treat Estrogen Dominance. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs contains Vitex, a natural herb which have been shown to stimulate the formation of corpus luteum which is responsible for the secretion of progesterone during menstrual cycle. Scientific studies have shown that in 86% of the women, progesterone level increased after using Vitex. Vitex also helps in balancing menstrual cycle flow.

Helps in balancing Hormones

Estrogens, Progesterone, Testosterone, Prolactin, FSH, LH - there are several hormones which works in tandem to keep your body healthy. All the hormones should be balanced in order to have a healthy body weight. Even if one hormone gets disturbed, you will not feel healthy. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs contains several natural ingredients like DIM, Vitex, Red clover, Zinc which helps in balancing your hormones thereby helps in weight loss.


Helps in reducing Men Boobs

Estrogen is a hormone which is found in both men and women. In some cases Testosterone Hormone in males begins to get converted into estrogen hormone due to age factor or increased Aromatase enzyme activity. Excess of estrogen in men may leads to fat deposition on chest (Men Boobs) & Hips, enlargement of prostate gland (BPH) and Erectile Dysfunction. Aromatase is an enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen. Aromatase enzyme is produced by fat cells mainly around tummy. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs contains grape seed extract which helps in reducing aromatase activity.

Helps in preventing fat production and deposition

Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs tablet contains active ingredients of Garcenia Combogia HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which helps in weight loss. There are several benefits of Garcinia Cambogia. It reduces formation of new fat cells by blocking an enzyme called adenosine triphosphatase-citrate-lyase, which contributes to the formation of new fat cells. It reduces appetite by increasing production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with calm and happy feeling. High level of serotonin helps in reducing desire for comfort food. Another way in which it might improve weight loss is through inhibition of pancreatic alpha amylase enzymes which reduces absorption of carbohydrate in our body.

Pre- menopause or Menopause

In most of the females, transition from regular menses to menopause is not very smooth mainly due to estrogen and progesterone hormone imbalance. During this phase a women may have low estrogen level along with very low progesterone which leads to wrinkles, hot-flashes, painful breast, weight gain on tummy, osteoporosis etc. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet contains natural benefit of Red clover which is considered to be a great source of isoflavones which helps in relieving osteoporosis, improves blood circulation, lowering cholesterol etc.


Supports Liver and Gall Bladder

Liver is our largest internal organ and is responsible for performing a number of essential detoxifying functions. As a “blood purifier,” the liver needs to actively clean our body’s blood daily in order to support various system in our body. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs contains benefits of Milk thistle which helps in liver regeneration, cleansing and flushes toxins from the body. A clean liver aids in hormone balance which further helps in weight loss.

Zinc for hormone balancing

Zinc plays an important role in producing and balancing hormone. Zinc helps to increase progesterone levels and decrease estrogen. Estrogen dominant females are found to have deficiency of zinc. More than 70% of women do not obtain the minimum daily requirement of zinc from their diets. Zinc also has a critical role in male sexual function and is necessary for all aspects of male reproduction including hormone metabolism and sperm formation and motility. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet contains Zinc which helps in reducing estrogen dominance and is effective for both men and women.

Free diet consultancy

Appropriate hormone balancing diet plan with required nutritional dietary supplements is the best way to lose weight. Maintaining the desired body weight requires constant check on your eating habits. Low Carbohydrate Diet with lots of green vegetables along with Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet helps in reducing weight. On purchase of Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet, you will receive a free diet plan for 30 days along with free telephonic diet consultancy from our weight loss expert.     

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Mohamad Sakib Saturday, June 17, 2017 4:23:10 PM


very effective product with effective diet chart. after using these tablets with diet plan i am feeling some changes in my shape

mohit Monday, May 22, 2017 3:42:57 PM

Best Tablets For Hips, Thighs

This time i tried losing weight with lipolyzer Hips and Thighs Tablet and Lost 8kgs in 3 months surprisingly mostly from thighs.