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NutroActive Low Fat Coconut Flour/Powder (defatted) 350 gm, Low Carb & Keto Friendly

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  • Usage coconut flour can be used to make several food recipes for example add coconut flour to indian spices to make veg curry/ fish or chicken curry, add low fat coconut powder to soups for making it thick and filling, add coconut flour to wheat flour to make it low carb or use for making keto friendly bread and cookies
  • Low carb and keto friendly low fat coconut flour is very low in carbohydrates. It contains only 21.8 g net carbs per 100g (net carb 21.8g = total carb 59.3 fiber 37.5). It is an ideal choice for people who are on low carb or keto diet. Low fat coconut flour also contains good amount of protein, it contains 17.5 grams protein per 100 g which is obviously more than most of the grains. This is a good source of protein for vegan or vegetarian eaters
  • Clear of Gluten - low fat coconut flour is suitable for people who are having gluten allergy, nut allergies, digestive disorders, insulin sensitive, and other metabolic disorders. People who want to reduce or avoid grains in their diet, low fat coconut flour become the ideal choice because it is economical and tasty
  • High fiber and high protein high fiber diet can significantly help in reducing the risk of lifestyle related issues eg. Diabetes, high cholesterol levels. You can increase the intake of fibers in your diet just by adding 1-2 tablespoons of low fat coconut flour. 100 grams of low fat coconut flour contain 17.5 grams of protein which is obviously more than most of the grains
  • Diabetes management this is a low fat, low carb, low calorie product hence it can be an excellent choice for diabetics. Processed grain flours have very high sugars and calories, they can easily cause blood sugar spikes. Low fat coconut flour is also low in sugar hence it has a very gentle impact on blood sugar levels
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Low fat coconut flour is a healthy and tasty alternative to wheat and other grain flours. White coconut meat contains coconut milk and other nutrient, once fat is extracted from milk remaining product is called as low fat coconut flour. It is very healthy as it is rich in protein and fibers, its 100% clear of gluten. It does not contain the strong odor of coconut because fat is already extracted. It has higher shelf life and does not rancid even after long storage. Coconut flour is low carb and clear of gluten, hence you can add coconut flour to many keto diet recipes. Coconut flour gives mild flavor to your recipe and acceptable by most of the people.

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