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NutroActive BrownXcookies Low Carb High Protein Unflavoured 54 Coin Size Cookies(210 g)

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  • Unflavoured - This pack contains 54 coin size unflavoured BrownXcookies. These Low Carb & High Protein Cookies can be a great Healthy Gifting option to your loved one's on various occasions eg. Festivals (Rakhi Gift, Diwali Gift, Christmas Gift, New Tear Gift) Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gifts etc.
  • Low Carb, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar Snacks - NutroActive BrownXcookies pack contains set of 54 coin size cookies. BrownXcookies contains just 25% Net Carbohydrates as against approx. 67% carbs in normal biscuits or cookies. That means it contains just 1 g carb per cookie. It is an ideal snacks for people who want to follow low carb or keto diet and still wants to satisfy their taste buds.
  • Loaded with Protein - BrownXcookies are high protein cookies. They contain high quality USA imported proteins like soy protein isolate, milk protein and whey protein concentrate. It contains 31% protein as against approx. 7% protein in normal biscuits. These Protein Cookies are an ideal choice for those who wants to increase protein intake in their diet especially vegetarians who have very limited protein options.
  • Low GI and Trans Fat Free - BrownXcookies are manufactured using trans-fat free vegetable fat to make them completely healthy. It contains high protein, high fat and low carbohydrates. Hence its glycemic index is far lower than any normal cookies. Low Glycemic index products are useful for people who wants to manage their weight, willing to manage blood sugar levels or looking for healthy lifestyle.
  • Healthy Snacks for Whole Family – A simply great product for the entire family whether children, young or old aged people. BrownXcookies can be your guilt free, anytime nutritious snack. You can enjoy BrownXcookies as pre-workout snacks, at office, tea time snacks or whenever hunger strikes. It is a perfect nutritious snacks for whole family, loaded with goodness. It will help you in achieving your fitness goals.
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The culture of packaged and ready to eat food has increased tremendously during the last few decades. The easy availability of junk food and packaged food has led to many life style diseases. Most of the snacks and packaged food available in our surroundings are loaded with high amount of carbs. Excess amount of carbohydrates in diet leads to several hormonal and metabolic problems. We at NutroActive believe that low carb diet pattern is the healthiest way to live life. Hence NutroActive has taken an initiative to introduce genuinely low carb, high protein and healthy fat snacks for the benefit of the people of our country. NutroActive BrownxCookies are an excellent low carb and high protein nutritional snacks made from clean, simple and healthy ingredients. BrownXcookies are manufactured using USA imported high quality protein like soy protein isolate, milk protein, whey protein concentrate, Trans-fat free hydrogenated vegetable oil etc. It is a complete healthy and ready to eat product with good taste. No Maida, No Trans-fat, No fillers, Gluten Free, guilt free and tasty snacks for whole family. It is a low carb, low sugar and low glycemic index (GI) products which makes it an ideal choice for managing weight, managing blood sugar levels (diabetes management) and maintaining a healthy life style.


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