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NutroActive BrownXatta Gluten Free Flour High Protein & Low Carb 750 gm …

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  • Gluten Free – Gluten free flour is not only for people who are allergic to gluten instead it is a healthy way of eating. Eating grains which are having allergens may cause health problems, Gluten free atta can be a smart choice. A major advantage with NutroActive Gluten free flour is that it is high protein & low carb flour. On the top of that it’s chapatti remains soft even after hours. NutroActive Gluten free atta is designed to satisfy Indian taste buds and is very close to normal chapatti.
  • High Protein – Protein is an important component of ideal diet but in India we don’t get enough protein due to our vegetarian diet. NutroActive has worked hard to make high protein products for Indian taste. As you know chapattis are very essential part of Indian diet, NutroActive BrownXatta gluten free atta is manufactured using high quality ingredients like imported isolated soya protein which makes it very high protein flour. It contains 37% protein which is highest among gluten free flours.
  • Low Carbs – Excess of carbs in your diet may cause metabolic problems like obesity, diabetes, high BP etc. Reducing carbs intake in daily diet can be of great health benefit. Flours are major part of Indian diet hence replacing your flour with low carb flour can greatly reduce your daily carb intake. NutroActive BrownXatta gluten free flour is made using coconut flour, almond flour, soya protein, quinoa flour etc. It contains 36% carbs which is almost fifty% less than normal gluten free flours.
  • Oats Fibers – Fibers are required in our diet because they absorb lot of water and keeps the stool soft. Soft stool is easy to move and prevents constipation. Oats fiber are water soluble fiber. Oats fiber are also known to be beneficial in cholesterol management. We use isolated oats fibers which are very expensive but provides softness and binding to the flour. Fibers are extracted using advanced technology from oats.
  • Easy to Bind – One of the major challenge in making gluten free atta is its binding and another challenge is to keep protein high. NutroActive gluten free atta is manufactured after several years of research on various types of gluten free combination. This is the gluten free combination which contains maximum amount of protein possible and still chapatti are easy to roll. For best chapattis keep the dough for 10-15 minutes so that fibers can absorb water and develop nice soft dough.
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You don't need to have gluten allergy or celiac disease to start using gluten free atta. In fact gluten-free diet is very beneficial for any common man because it provide long list of benefits. As per many naturopathy practitioner gluten free diet may greatly reduce occurrence of seasonal allergy like cold and running nose. Most of the junk food are maida based products fried in bad oils; hence shifting to gluten free diet can easily eliminate them. Gluten free diet may greatly improve digestive health and reduce chances of gas and constipation. Protein is a very important nutrient of our diet hence taking good quality of protein helps in developing muscles. NutroActive BrownXatta gluten free atta is also a high protein atta. This can also be called as low carb atta because it contains very less carbs compared to other cheap gluten free flour.


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