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Chia Seeds For Weight Loss
  • Chia Seeds For Weight Loss
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Chia Seeds Black Raw Natural Salvia Hispanica Seeds

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Chia Seeds Black Raw Natural Salvia Hispanica Seeds

Chia seed is an edible seed comes from the desert plant salvia hispanica. Chia seed is native to South America and have been a staple Mayan and Aztec diet for centuries. Chia seed is considered as super food due to high amount of fiber, protein, omega 3 fatty acid, antioxidant and calcium. Benefits of chia seed 1. Meal Replacement for Weight Reduction - High fiber content in Chia seed keeps hunger controlled for several hours, hence helps in reducing weight. Chia Seeds can be used as Meal Replacement for weight reduction. Take 2 teaspoon Chia Seed and soak them in 100 ml water for 5 minutes. Add 10 pieces of Almond and 5 pieces of Cashew nuts. Add 200 ml milk or butter milk as per taste. Replace the dish with dinner and start losing weight. 2. High fiber content - Chia seeds are excellent source of fiber, with a whopping 10 grams fiber in only 2 tablespoons i.e. one-third of the daily recommended intake of fiber. Chia seeds can absorb large amount of water forming thick paste which helps in reliving constipation 3. Low Glicimic Index - Chia seeds contains more than 16% protein and 34% fiber. Due to this unique combination it helps in controlling appetite and blood sugar for diabetic person. If diabetic overweight person wants to reduce weight, chia seed is an ideal choice. 4. Gluten free - Chia seed is gluten free, hence people allergic to gluten can also get the benefit of chia seed. 5. Rich in Antioxidant - Chia Seed is rich in antioxidants and helps in protecting the body from free radicals and aging. Disclaimer: This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.


Strawberry Chia Seed Smoothie

Take 10g chia seed and soak in 120ml water, keep it for 10 minutes while stirring few times so that it looks like gel. Take condensed milk, desiccated coconuts, strawberries, sugar or honey. Grind them and mix with soaked chia seeds. Garnish with almonds and serve cold.   

Chia Superfood

Chia seed is called as Superfood because it provides massive amount of nutrients with very few calories; chia seeds provides protein, fat, fiber, calcium, magnesium and several other vitamins and minerals with almost zero carbohydrates. This makes chia seed among world’s best Superfood.

Low Carbohydrate Food

Chia seedsis a low carbohydrate food and whatever carbohydrates it contains, majority is in the form of fiber. Fibers are carbohydrates which do not get absorbed in the body. Hence we should subtract fibers from total carbohydrate. Hence the net carbohydrate is even lesser. Walnuts and chia seeds contains same amount of carbohydrate. Chia seed is a great option for people who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake.


Relieves Constipation

Chia seed is one of the highest fibers containing food on the earth. People who don’t take enough fibers are normally constipated. Chronic Constipation can lead to many diseases including colon cancer. Intake of 10-20 g chia seed daily with large amount of water may help in reliving chronic constipation. Additional benefit of using chia seed is that it contains good amount of fat which lubricate intestine and helps in easy bowl movement.


Chia Seeds containshuge amount of antioxidants. Anti-oxidants fights with free radicals to protect us from diseases. Free radicals are responsible for several diseases like arthritis, joint pain, heart diseases, cancer and aging-related problems like wrinkles and dull skin. Chia seeds don’t get rancid on long storage because it contains lot of antioxidants.

Diabetes Management

Chia seeds are suitable for diabetic and cardiac patients due to several virtues like high protein, high fibers, high omega 3 fatty acids, high antioxidants, low carbohydrate, and low glycemic index. These benefits help in improving metabolic health of a person. Chia seeds contain lot of fibers which can reduce or slowdown the absorption of sugar; this helps a diabetic person in maintaining blood sugar level.


Weight Management

Chia seeds contain lot of fibers and they can absorb large amount of water as much as 10-12 times water of their weight. For example 10g chia seeds can absorb 120ml water. Chia seeds expand &generatea sense of fullness after eating which automatically reduces your calorie intake. Chia seed can be used as meal replacement for losing weight. Take 10g chia seeds, add 100ml water and keep stirring for 10 minutes. Add nuts and yogurt to the soaked chia seeds. Replace any of your meal with the dish.

Running Performance

Chia seeds are better than sugar loaded sports drinks to improve exercise performance. Carb loading is required before many sports & games like running in marathons etc; adding chia seeds to the ‘carb load’ will help in improving the running performance because chia seeds reduces the rate of sugar absorption in the body which will help in maintaining consistent energy for a longer period of time. Replacing sugar with chia seeds is a better option because too much of carb loading may lead to insulin resistance.

Strong Bones

Chia seeds contain several nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and protein which are very important for bone health.The calcium content in chia seeds is higher than most dairy products.Chia seeds are excellent source of calcium for people who don’t take milk products.Chia seeds contain higher protein than many plant based food; it is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. This makes chia seed great food for bone health.

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Divya Tuesday, August 8, 2017 1:21:32 PM

batter quality

Quality of chia seeds is really good can’t compare nutroactive chia seeds with other chia seeds brand because the quality of nutroactive chia seeds is very good compare to other brands.

Sandip Thakur Wednesday, July 5, 2017 5:42:13 PM

Best Seeds

my friend adviced me to take chia seeds because i feel hunger all the time. i am using chia seeds from last two weeks in my breakfast and trust me its really heped me to control my hunger i feel full after taking chia seeds for two to three hours

Mohamad Sakib Tuesday, May 23, 2017 3:15:03 PM

Super Food

I was suffering from slight constipation from last few months my Dietician suggest me to take Chia seeds daily at 5pm. Now I am feeling better and my constipation is almost nil.