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Nutroactive is an endeavor to provide high quality nutritional dietary supplements along with balanced diet plan under the guidance of expert. When you buy a NutroActive product you will receive diet plan and expert guidance free of cost.

NutroActive is nutritional dietary supplements brand for men, women and children. NutroActive products are scientifically designed with high quality ingredients. We share secret scientific knowledge in easy to understand manner so that it can be utilized effectively by everyone. We aim to achieve the desired health goal of customer by providing high quality nutritional supplements with suitable scientific combination of ingredients along with correct diet plan without any side-effect. We also inspire our customer to live healthy and active life. We create complete ecosystem of active health by sharing true knowledge and by providing quality nutritional supplements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and inspire people to take self-control of their health using appropriate food and nutrition so that they can live healthy and active life.

Our Attributes -

  • Scientifically balanced formulation with high quality ingredients;
  • Result oriented products with diet plan;
  • Easy to understand health information.

Why should you take Nutritional Supplements?

The food we eat contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes, the building block of our body cells. These elements contribute in keeping good health, vigour, vitality, fight diseases and thereby give prolonged life. All these elements help in rebuilding body tissues, cells and organs and should be a part of our diet. Our body cannot perform physical, mental, chemical, hormonal and metabolic functions without these elements.

The main source of vitamins & minerals is the food that we eat. Our body does not manufacture any vitamins & minerals. If they could have been manufactured inside the body, there would have never been any deficiency of iron or calcium in our body.

When we cook food or process food in a factory, it kills almost 70-90% of the vitamins & minerals. This food is called as dead food. God has created food along with several vitamin, minerals & enzymes which helps in digestion. That is why we cannot store natural fruits for several months as self-digesting enzymes decompose them.

The processed food or dead food does not contain any vitamins, minerals, enzymes of its own; hence when it goes inside our body, it steals vitamins and minerals from our body. Continuous consumption of this dead food causes several nutritional deficiencies which result in slow metabolism and weight gain.

In today’s scenario, 80% of the food we eat is dead food. Hence deficiency of vitamins & minerals is widespread. Deficiency of vitamins & minerals may cause many diseases.

Nutritional dietary supplements provide vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are required for our body and helps in maintaining good health.

NutroActive dietary supplement provides nutritional combination for various purposes.

How dietary supplements works?

Metabolic imbalance and hormonal imbalance is the major cause of many diseases. Metabolism is driven by several small biochemical reactions. Each of this biochemical reaction requires some catalyst and appropriate environment to get completed.

You must have studied this kind of chemical reactions in you school books. For any chemical reaction to proceed from A to B, it requires some CATALYST and appropriate ENVIRONMENT like temperature, PH, pressure etc.

Example –  Milk can be converted in to curd easily when inoculated with adequate amount of curd (Catalyst) and kept at warm temperature (Environment). If you don’t inoculated enough curd or you don’t maintain temperature, you will not get the curd from milk.

Similarly …

The food we eat gets converted in to energy in our body. This metabolic process requires certain vitamins & minerals as catalyst; body temperature and body PH provides the adequate environment. Hence deficiency of vitamins & minerals or non-maintenance of body temperature or PH will slow down metabolism of the body.